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Hot Rod Mechanic Shop

Juana B's

Hot Rod Mechanic Shop  Santa Fe, New Mexico USA



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We’re not actually a shop, per se, (que no?) with no real customers.   We mostly just Want to Be a Shop.


We occasionally build an engine, or add a supercharger  to a project,  or change some wheels.


You know,  easy stuff,  only not on any particular schedule, and  never  for actual paying customers.


Some might say, “Well, you’ve got yourself a rip-roaring business right there! “


But we know better,  ha ha, we’re just  Juana B’s !


So, if you too, have always wished, and thought, that you should open your own hot rod mechanic shop,


but have never actually gotten around to getting it going…..


Well,  there you go,  You’re a Juana B, too!


Now, we have finally made it easy, to be a part of the Juana B’s almost got something  going community.


Wear it proud!  Wear it because you can! 


Wear it because it’s WAY easier to wear , than to actually do the work!


Get your Juana B’s gear here..  Order now.

We will be collecting orders,  and producing custom shirts in limited batches.   

Send us an email (contact us tab) and we'll let you know when a new batch will be run.

We'll let you know when we'll be producing another run,  and you can place your order at that time.

Thanks for your interest,

Juana B